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In 2010, Matthew Fogerman was Todd & amp; Five years after leaving Boston's office, he welded them to establish his own law firm in Newton, Massachusetts, and established the Massachusetts branch of Leonard Fogerman's Law Office in New York. Fogelman & Faugermann LLC was born.

Established in 2010


Suit for Injury (Plaintiff's Side) Employment Litigation (Plaintiff) &Alcohol License; Compliance/Liquor License Defamation/First Amendment general civil action

Matthew Fogelman is Fogelman & We're our founding partner. Fogelman, Vogelmann Inc., is conducting a variety of legal activities focusing on personal injury and employment laws, including personal status litigation. Fogerman also advises companies seeking licenses to sell alcoholic beverages. Mr. Fogerman has significant experience in complex personal injuries and cases that have been emotionally charged, including allegations of sexual abuse and unfair death.

Leonard Fogelman is Fogelman & You are the company's founding partner. Former is famous as an expert in the licensing and regulation of beverages. He specializes in the implementation of laws on alcohol and hospitality industries. Mr. Fogerman represents the major producers, importers and distributors of alcoholic beverages, and he represents the owners, owners, owners, and owners of restaurants and supermarkets in the State of National Hotels and Restaurants, as well as franchises and franchises in New York State.

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