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GM was established in 1996 as the Housing Law Office, and has since developed as the Full Service Transaction Law Office, which has offices in Boston and Newton. GM lawyers and lawyers are known today as professionals in real estate and business law in Massachusetts. This is the focus that makes it possible to always be recognized as the best real estate and business corporation in Massachusetts.





I found Jennifer Whitoff of Gilmartin Magens. LLP is one of the rudest and most rude property administrators I've ever dealt with.  She was not professional from beginning to end in a recent real estate transaction.  I don't know why this company employs such a person. That's terrible!

12/29/2020 01:55am



I had no further experience with Gilmartin Magens and LLP. The first person to buy a house, my wife and I do not know. You had to navigate through the. an uncertain sea Yitz, Josh, John and their staff were very happy. Answers to large and small questions were always available by phone or email, and were able to efficiently and effectively contact the broker of the seller's lawyer or mortgage securities. Throughout the entire process, Yitz has always revealed that they have always sought for us as the first homebuyers and insisted on our best interests through shopping. His team took full pressure to monitor our deadlines and got everything we needed to finish. We were very pleased to be introduced to Yitz and his team and thank him for his wonderful team. Recommended!

01/03/2021 04:04am



I worked with Josh Rivner, who was a great professional. Communication was so great that I couldn't hope any more! !

I would like to recommend this company and Josh to those who need it!

12/27/2020 06:06am



My wife and I recently purchased a house in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, using Gilmartin Magens LLP services.  I've got a problem with the title and I've got it!  It took a lot of time to settle the rules of the surrounding town, but lawyer Josh Rivner succeeded in solving it without any problems.  I am very grateful to Josh and the staff of Gilmartin Magens for helping us buy our house.

01/02/2021 01:53am



We were the first home buyers to work with Yitz, Joshua and John. They are very professional and sensitive. I got an email at 11 o'clock and I'm working late! They are our P& I really explained in detail that With S, we did everything to ensure that we were always protected as buyers. I strongly recommend working with them!

01/03/2021 12:04pm