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Andrea Goldman helped us when we were very stressed out in the dispute with our contractors.  I read the blog and contacted her.

There was a dirty word that made it difficult for some contractors to move home. The job was then aborted.   My wife and I just bought the first house, kitchen & amplifier; I decided to pack the intestines. The bath does a lot of work by itself.  I was worried about finishing my work. The contractor who refused to finish the work left a lot of work until the day before the move, without a license (in a 10-week project), was unclean and unclean, and demanded extra money from us.  After all, he wanted to go, but he was worried about the legal effect of firing without paying all the contracts.  Goldman's website helped me learn a lot about the legal aspects that I should think about, talked to him over the phone, asked me what was going on, informed him that there was no need to hire a lawyer with a lot of money and sent him a polite email.  Goldman is very generous with sharing his time and knowledge with the public on his blog.  In our case, it made a big difference.   I was deeply involved with contractors who knew the system and how to operate, and I felt like I had a person with real expertise in this dispute.    At the end of the day, I didn't pay hundreds of dollars in court costs, didn't go to trial, just sent a "goodbye" email and he never contacted me again.   Andrea, thank you for working with us. In the future, before embarking on such work again, we will bring all future contracts to your office and offer a review.

12/28/2020 08:17am