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Our former office was Southborough, Massachusetts. In addition to the Hill of Chestnuts and Burlington, I still have an office there. You can also access dozens of conference rooms in the state to simplify the closing days.

Established in 2012


Lawyer Lee focuses on legal practices on behalf of buyers, sellers, lenders and condominium developers in real estate transactions. Prior to his employment in the Real Estate Act, Lee was a low-income legal advocate in Massachusetts. Her compassion and strong desire to help people was undoubtedly taken over by her real estate business and left her with her friends to serve as a passionate supporter of her customers. For many years, she has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best lawyers for dealing in various real estate, especially meeting the unique needs of the first house buyer's client.

born and raised in Vermont, Massachusetts, graduated from St. Cross University in 2006, and graduated from Suffolk University Law School in 2012.

Miss Lee is a member of the Real Estate Bar Association and is authorized to enforce the law in Massachusetts. She is concentrating on the real estate law, which represents buyers, sellers, lenders, and developers in the housing trade.

Melissa L.





When we bought our first house, we used another lawyer. We kept waiting for a lot of phone calls to come back, and during each negotiation a lot of time passed, and I felt that there were no answers or explanations to many questions. I can't express the opposite experience with Melissa!  Execution was perfect from the beginning to the end!  Melissa's acquisition, speed, knowledge and instruction were beyond our expectations. She reduces stress on all processes and we will use her service again and again! If you want a professional lawyer who doesn't feel pain, don't look any more!

12/29/2020 05:43pm